About Google Places Optimized

Google Places Optimized was established by Nyagoslav Zhekov in 2011. The company specializes in Google Places optimization for small businesses. Our core mission is to create positive, sustainable online presence and image for each of our clients and to help them gain business through their Google Places pages.

Google Places has turned into one of the must-have, integral aspects of the online presence of any business all over the world. Why? Because when you search for any term, related to some kind of business on Google and you add to this term any location word (i.e. “restaurant New York”), the results that are shown at the uppermost part of the page are the Google Places pages of the businesses. Those business owners who are smart enough to optimize their Places pages will gain greater visibility, leading to more phone calls or clicks on their websites, which in turn could potentially lead to more business. Even though any Google Places optimization is strongly advised, only the 7 most ingenious business owners might get access to the “golden mine” called “first results page”. Do you want to be one of them?

The Geeky Nerds Duo:

Nyagoslav Jekov:

Nyagoslav is a 23-old Bulgarian, fresh graduate from the University of Economics – Varna. His interest in marketing and online marketing in particular has been growing throughout his higher education. Thus, it comes as no surprise that Search Engine Optimization soon became his passion. He started using his knowledge professionally during a 3-month internship in the Osaka-based company Label Bank, during 2010. Upon return to his homeland he did not waste any time and became a SEO in a company specializing in Google Places and local SEO. However, he soon realized that his outstanding ability and genuine interest in the field, unmatched by most of his colleagues, were an excellent incentive to establish his own company together with his best friend from high school – Vladislav Todorov.

Apart from work, Nyagoslav loves spending time with his girlfriend Jenny, travelling with her, or playing (European) football with his teammates from Absolut AFC (Varna).

Vladislav Todorov:

Vladislav Todorov is a 23-year-old Bulgarian residing in the USA who has just earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Ramapo College of New Jersey. Throughout his education he has had an acute interest in Web Development, completing an Honors Project and a Senior Project in the topic. Some of his academic achievements:

  • International Presidential Scholarship at Ramapo College(for the duration of his degree)
  • Graduated with Honors(Completed the Honors program at the College)
  • Graduated Cum Laude
  • Participated in 2 years of Bioinformatics Research

As hobbies, he enjoys playing guitar, soccer, basketball or just spending time with friends and family.


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